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Smith and Nephew Hip Lawyer

The Smith and Nephew hip lawyers at Bernstein Liebhard LLP are actively investigating potential claims on behalf of patients who suffered injuries stemming from the company’s R3 metal hip replacement system.

The optional metal liner component to this device, which was introduced in 2007, affected 7,700 individuals when it was recalled on June 1, 2012. Before the recall was issued, it was found in clinical testing results that the annual revision rate for individuals implanted with the R3 hip implants was 1.6 percent—well above the 1 percent rate deemed acceptable by Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Evidence. Patients who received this device have reportedly suffered:

  • Fractures
  • Infections
  • Dislocations

Perhaps in response to these complaints, the company published the following statement in June 2012: “We regularly review the effectiveness of our products and are not satisfied with the clinical results of this component.”

Background of Smith and Nephew Hip Lawyers

The Smith and Nephew hip lawyers at Bernstein Liebhard LLP and the entire Mass Tort Practice Group are a team of experienced staff and attorneys who understand, and are adept at responding to the dangerous complications caused by defective medical devices.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP’s Smith & Nephew hip lawyers are currently evaluating potential claims, and are happy to answer legal questions from anyone who has experienced the above side effects and believes they may have a case.

The Firm has helped hundreds of clients who have suffered side effects stemming from allegedly defective hip replacement systems, and have also been interviewed by members of the process about the dangers of metal-on-metal hip replacement devices.

Bernstein Liebhard’s Smith & Nephew hip lawyers are also involved in numerous litigations of lawsuits filed over the following hip replacement devices:

  • DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement
  • DePuy ASR Hip Replacement
  • Biomet Magnum Hip Replacement
  • Smith & Nephew Hip Recall
  • Stryker Rejuvenate & ABG II Hip Recall
  • Wright Conserve Hip Replacement
  • Wright Profemur Hip Replacement

Smith & Nephew hip lawyers are also at the forefront of updates related to federally-filed claims. Attorneys at the Firm were recently appointed to the Discovery Committee and Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) created to coordinate DePuy Pinnacle hip lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas (In re: DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. Pinnacle Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation), for example.

Contact a Smith and Nephew Hip Lawyer to File a Claim Today

If you suffered infection, fractures, dislocations and other side effects stemming from the R3 hip implant manufactured by Smith & Nephew, call a lawyer at Bernstein Liebhard LLP to find out if you are eligible to receive compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, as well as any pain and suffering you may have been caused as a result of your injuries. Call us today at (888) 727-7285.